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New York’s Most Dynamic Neighborhoods: By Kate Betts for Travel & Leisure

New York’s Most Dynamic Neighborhoods: By Kate Betts for Travel & Leisure The Dietz Lantern Condominium in Tribeca - Photo: Tony Sargent

Photo: Tobias Hutzler via T&L

I just came across this great article written by Kate Betts for Travel & Leisure magazine. It’s about touring New York’s most dynamic neighborhoods and experiencing the change over time. Gain insight into how neighborhoods like Tribeca, Williamsburg and Harlem have truly changed since the 1980’s and even the 1990’s moving from the fringe to becoming ‘established’ with such long-time Tribeca restaurants Nobu being joined by celebrated chef Andrew Carmellini’s Locanda Verde in Robert DeNiro’s hotel at 379 Greenwich St.  Read more…

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Tavistock Group: Investing in Luxury Real Estate

Christopher Anand of the Tavistock Group shares successful tips for investing in Luxury Real Estate. Tavistock’s successful investment strategies provide insight into why global high net worth individuals (HNWI’s) invest in New York luxury real estate (condos and townhouses) in Manhattan. Anand’s tips and Tavistock’s strategies agree with a recent Knight Frank Wealth Report revealing that along with equities, HNWI’s are purchasing Art, Wineries, Sports Teams along with other non-paper investments as part of an overall strategy to have more protected investment portfolios. Contact me for your New York luxury real estate needs. – Tony Sargent

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Condo to rise on former Ratner’s site off Delancey | Crain’s New York Business

Lower East Side Condo Development News: Crain’s reported that Urban-Scape, a Brooklyn-based developer recently purchased 100 Norfolk St in the Lower East Side with the intent to build a new condominium opposite the existing Blue building on Delancey St. Despite the 120′ height limits implemented in the Lower East Side after the 16-story Blue was built, Urban-Scape reportedly owns the neighboring properties to 100 Norfolk allowing for the transfer of air rights to the lot.

Expect to see more development in the Lower East Side Read more…

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One World Trade Center becomes New York’s tallest skyscraper – Timelapse Video of Construction

Today the Freedom Tower – 1 World Trade Center becomes New York’s tallest skyscraper. A new chapter of New York’s future begins. Watch a cool timelapse video of the Freedom Tower being constructed. The Daily Mail from the UK also has some great photos of history in the making today. New York, New York! Love it!

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Downtown Manhattan 3-Bedroom Loft Market Heats Up

Downtown Manhattan 3-Bedroom Loft Market Heats Up 195 Bowery Luxury Condo Loft in Manhattan - Photo By Rich Caplan

Downtown 3-bedroom properties that have gone to contract since December 20th, 2011, have done so in approximately 45 days after coming on the market, according to a quick (and unscientific) study I did today.

It validates what I and other brokers are feeling in the Downtown 3-bedroom market right now. Buyer interest, appointments and open house visits are up. The best inventory is moving quickly and even some properties which are not considered ‘the best’ are selling if their price is reflective of condition.

Areas like Nolita, Bowery, Tribeca and Soho continue to see growing interest from buyers who need space and wish to live in vibrant neighborhoods. Thirty years ago there was a reason to leave the city – safety, school, neighbhorhood. Today Manhattan offers all of that and more. Ask anyone who’s got two or three children under seven in Manhattan. If they can figure out how to make it work numbers and space wise, they’d rather stay here. Perhaps because it provides a more dynamic lifestyle for both parents and children than the suburbs? Your call. But I see demand for 3 and 4 bedrooms remaining solid right now.

Even the larger two bedroom market is seeing a bump. A new loft I listed at 195 Bowery in Nolita/Lower East Side had twenty people at its first open house.

If you have any questions on the Manhattan market or are looking to make a move, feel free to contact me.

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Will the Dow and World Markets Affect Manhattan Real Estate?

Will the Dow and World Markets Affect Manhattan Real Estate? Photo Source: Courtesy NYT.com Photo By Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Will the changes in Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrials and S&P’s recent downgrade of US Debt to AA create a negative impact on the Manhattan real estate market?

The strongest evidence for how the market will fare today will be to look back to the market crash of 2008. After the collapse of Bear Stearns, there was a three to four week pause in market activity, especially from the Wall Street segment of property buyers. After that initial gap, buyer activity resumed for a month before the market’s typical summer lull, but after Lehman collapsed, there was once again a period of very little activity. Real estate sales started from the entry level of the market and only gradually moved to the luxury segment. As the economy began to stabilize and buyers became more accustomed to their new reality, the Manhattan real estate market bounced back – fueled by the 2010 rise of the Dow and the global equity markets.

But what will happen as a result of our current market instability? Read more…

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Huffington Post Surpasses The New York Times as Top News Website

In an article written for guardian.co.uk on June 14th, Roy Greenslade reveals that per Comscore, The Huffington Post beat The New York Times as the most viewed news website in the US in May 2011. With 35.6 Million unique visitors vs. the NYTimes.com’s 33.6 Million visitors, the six year old web-site founded by Arianna Huffington has broken a new benchmark. While the NYTimes site saw an 11% drop in visitors after it erected a pay wall in March, limiting visitors to the site to 20 free articles a month, that does not explain the increase of visitors to the Huffington Post by 14%. Acquired by AOL, it has recently benefitted from re-directed traffic to it from AOLNews.

I found this article interesting because I think it reveals the changes that have been evolving in all industries over the last ten years, due to the emergence of online business technology and mobile media devices and portals. On-line presence has become not only an adjunct to a business model, but as shown by this example, it is the business model.

How does that translate to the Real Estate business? Read more…

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