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What is Real Estate?

What is Real Estate?

What is real estate? As I leave my office late tonight, I look at the list on my desk-wall of clients who want to buy or sell. They aren’t numbers to me. They are people: fathers, mothers, children, partners. All with a dream of owning a home or having more space. A place to create memories, to celebrate anniversaries, to laugh, to cry, to perhaps disagree and then come back together. To watch teeth fall and then the 1st sideburns grow.

This is why I do what I do. To help people make their dreams come true, as smoothly as I can. Nothing feels better than to seem them smile on closing day…and five years later. – By Tony Sargent

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Timelapse video of New York, by Will Boisture. Incredible!

New York is a place that moves, pulsates with life, people, cars, planes, trains and subways. Set against a morning sky or setting sun, Manhattan’s skyline provides so many perspectives and views. Time changes it and over time it grows and evolves. This video is an incredible testament that captures the beauty of New York, that everyone seems to love. The New York which captures hearts and minds. Watch it. This is why people move here. This is why people buy real estate here, even if they live on another continent. It’s just special. Enjoy! (Click the “HD” button at the bottom of the screen for High Definition).

Metropolis – A New York City Timelapse from Will Boisture on Vimeo.

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Second Quarter 2011 Manhattan Market Finishes Strong – Co-Op/Condo New York Real Estate

Second Quarter 2011 Manhattan Market Finishes Strong – Co-Op/Condo New York Real Estate The Plaza Hotel, New York - Photo by Tony Sargent

A review of the 2nd Quarter 2011 New York Real Estate Market reports put out by different residential firms including the June 2011 CORE Real Time Report reveals that the 2nd Quarter of 2011 showed a continued improvement in market conditions. Average prices remained stable in the major market segments (1-2Bedrooms) while declining slightly for studios and showing a slight drop in the super-high end. That may in part be due to the one-time sale at the Plaza for a $48 Million apartment which closed in the 1st quarter and would have drawn the average up above normal for that quarter.

Resales remain the most significant sales driver at the moment, however New Development sales are increasing as a percentage of all sales over the 1st Quarter. Read more…

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Buying Opportunity: UES 1BRs

Buying Opportunity: UES 1BRs

Upper East Side 1Br Market – At the end of June I analyzed the 1Br Market for properties on the Upper East Side between 65th to 83rd and York Ave to 3rd Avenue priced between $400,000 to $650,000. The average price for these units was about $490,000. Median around $485K. The majority were straight 1Brs without an alcoves but respectably sized. Many were in full-service doorman coops. The best prices were East of 2nd Avenue.

Since the end of June buyer activity seems to have slowed a tad overall and in this area too. Read more…

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