The New New York – More Green and Enjoyable

The New New York – More Green and Enjoyable The Brooklyn Piers and Soccer Fields - Photo by Tony Sargent (C) 2013

A new side of New York – The Brooklyn Piers and Parks – if you build and maintain it, they will come. Making NYC people-friendly and more habitable has been one of the legacies of the Bloomberg Administration. These soccer fields did not exist two years ago. Here is one example of how and why the city and Brooklyn keep attracting more residents. One more reason why prices are rising. It’s not all business as usual.

New York has always been growing and changing from it’s first days. When we continue to evolve and change we grow. If we hold on onto what was we sometimes decline. I am all for progress but with keeping the aesthetic context of neighborhoods through a smart application of zoning – not a blanket approval or denial in towards progress or preservation.

27 years ago when I lived on Brooklyn – Cobble Hill to be exact after my arrival from Europe, I missed green and open spaces. I missed the outdoor cages of Europe. The ability to be outside in the city and still enjoy an afternoon outdoors.

Kind of amazing to see people of all races playing soccer and being out doors on this beautiful Indian Summer Day. This is the new New York. Just one example of why we still love it after all the years we live here.

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