CORE and Team Up to create CORE Control!

As a real estate agent with CORE, New York’s leading boutique real estate firm, I’m really excited to share that CORE has teamed up with to create CORE Control, the first ever listing and client management platform built by a real estate firm in collaboration with StreetEasy. Having been provided the opportunity to beta-test it, CORE Control is an amazing tool for CORE agents and our clients to interact on searches in a whole new way on the site that is rapidly on its way to becoming the most searched real estate site in New York City.

As an agent who from the first day I started in 1999 focused on client service and sharing of information, StreetEasy’s entry into the marketplace was a welcome breath of transparency. One of the most comprehensive sites for New York City real estate information, it is searched by clients and brokers alike from all firms. To have the opportunity to be the first to take the Streeteasy experience to the next level for my clients – I’m thrilled! Watch the video (at the top of this post) featuring a conversation between CORE CEO, Shaun Osher and StreetEasy CEO, Michael Smith for more on CORE Control and how it will change the game for our clients.

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