1 World Trade Center Rises – A View from the Top

1 World Trade Center Rises – A View from the Top Ironworker delicately maneuvers on a beam high above Manhattan at the 1 World Trade Center site - Photo: Damon Winter for the NYT

The New York Times published the most amazing moving video-photo montage (Click Link To Watch It) of the men who are the faces behind the structure that is rising so rapidly downtown, 1 World Trade Center. Look up New York! While we hurry to work, take our children to school and type texts as we walk past 900 feet below, where once two stood now rises this One.

As Labor Day and the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 approaches, I wanted to pay homage to those who are working every day to re-build (or should I say build) the World Trade Center. After 10 years of squabbles and false starts, design changes and more squabbles, wars, recession, fears of another one, perhaps right now is the perfect time for us all to look up and be inspired to see the downtown Manhattan skyline being transformed once again by those whose hard work and sweat equity created this great city we live in.

Perhaps at exactly at this time we need to remember to look up and gain strength from seeing that despite everything, the World Trade Center is rising again. Just like we did after 9/11, just like we did after the 2008 recession and just like we will regardless of whatever life and the markets may throw our way down the road. Nothing stops us. This is the spirit of New York! This is what these ironworkers who toil almost 1,000 feet above us each day creating our new skyline are built of: Hard work, grit and determination. This is what we are all built of, for we are New Yorkers.

These men for me exemplify our courage and determination. Thanks to our ironworkers we have a skyline like no other which inspires us while it shades us is a beacon for people from all over the world to come here. Together from all walks of life we live in New York pursuing or fulfilling our dreams here. Our energy is what makes Manhattan so special and irreplaceable for those who settle here or simply buy apartments here. It’s what attracted me to New York from Switzerland (25 years ago last month), and still inspires me every day. Thanks to Damon Winter for the great photos and the NYT.com for the video. Thank you New York.

Wherever you are, may you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. – Tony Sargent

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