Jonathan Adler’s Answer to Darker Days?

Jonathan Adler’s Answer to Darker Days?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal about Home Decor Designer Jonathan Adler’s NY home complete with images made me smile.  Here is someone who is not afraid to flout all the beige-on-beige rules that seem to apply to modern decor and instead fills his home with bright splashes of color and ‘pills’.  Well for a cold NY Sunday at home, plopping your head on one of his pillows embroidered with the word “Pill” just might make for happy dreams of summer days.  I almost cherish the idea of stopping in on his home the next time we are snowed in or a Nor’easter blows through town. 

I can imagine that waking up to bright colors in the winter on a gray day would most likely warm up my mental state fairly quickly. With the utmost respect for Mr. Adler, if this was your home and you were ready to sell, there would be some things we’d need to discuss before listing.  Such specific design choices might limit the appeal of the home to many buyers, assuming it didn’t have the provenance of Mr. Adler.  One challenge buyers face in New York is the plethora of colors sellers paint their apartments to make it their own.  After spending thousands on a custom paint color it’s not easy for an owner to hear a broker say that while warm and delightful, their deep Purple Library turned off prospective buyers.  Don’t be the “grape colored apartment”.

Love your home, cherish it and add all the touches you want when you are living in it. However, when you are ready to sell remember cream and whites and a less-is-more approach to decor, will be your true money-making friend.  – Tony Sargent

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