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From Tony Sargent in New York to you…

Here’s a view from the West Village, of the new Freedom Tower (center right) with Frank Gehry’s luxury residential rental building, Gehry New York, glistening in sunset last Sunday (left of image). The new World Trade Center building surpassed the Empire State Building two weeks ago Monday to become Manhattan’s tallest building. Wishing you and yours a peaceful and Happy Memorial Day from New York. – Tony Sargent

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One World Trade Center becomes New York’s tallest skyscraper – Timelapse Video of Construction

Today the Freedom Tower – 1 World Trade Center becomes New York’s tallest skyscraper. A new chapter of New York’s future begins. Watch a cool timelapse video of the Freedom Tower being constructed. The Daily Mail from the UK also has some great photos of history in the making today. New York, New York! Love it!

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Why Are 3+ Bedroom Tribeca Lofts in Such Demand?

Why Are 3+ Bedroom Tribeca Lofts in Such Demand? Tribeca Lofts - N Moore Street - New York (Photo By Tony Sargent)

Walking in Tribeca today on N. Moore Street, I noticed this scene outside the Montessori School and it made me smile. Then I thought, is this a big reason why 3-bedroom Tribeca lofts have been in such demand for the last 18 months?

In part, yes. To understand Tribeca inventory we need to go back to the late 1990s when a lot of Tribeca lofts were first being converted en mass for residential use. At that time, many clients (and developers) assumed that they would stay in a loft for 4-5 years and then move on to the suburbs. Developers created big apartments (space was a way of attracting people downtown from uptown, as very few residential services existed in Tribeca at the time); however as there wasn’t a huge demand for 3-bedrooms, a lot of buildings were converted in such a way that 2-Bedroom, 2,000 square foot spaces were common. Read more…

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World Trade Center Construction – Video by Silverstein Properties

Larry Silverstein and Silverstein Properties created this movie-quality video to market the new World Trade Center buildings to the commercial real estate community as reported by the New York Observer and Architect’s Newspaper. It provides a great visual sense of what the WTC buildings and Dowtown New York will look like twelve plus years of re-building after September 11th.

As we approach the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 I remember vividly how the two buildings which had stood so honorably in New York for 30 years disappeared from our view, only to remain in films or video where they served as a backdrop or the offices to the lives of the characters in those movies or television shows, or were part of an aerial shot that let you know…this is New York! Read more…

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