World Trade Center Construction – Video by Silverstein Properties

Larry Silverstein and Silverstein Properties created this movie-quality video to market the new World Trade Center buildings to the commercial real estate community as reported by the New York Observer and Architect’s Newspaper. It provides a great visual sense of what the WTC buildings and Dowtown New York will look like twelve plus years of re-building after September 11th.

As we approach the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 I remember vividly how the two buildings which had stood so honorably in New York for 30 years disappeared from our view, only to remain in films or video where they served as a backdrop or the offices to the lives of the characters in those movies or television shows, or were part of an aerial shot that let you know…this is New York!

After ten years Larry Silverstein’s new World Trade Center buildings are finally rising rapidly from the ground. I can view them from my West Village home and 1 WTC now rises above all the others in New York’s Financial District. The cool renditions (at the end of the video) of how Manhattan’s Financial District from the air will look like when all the new World Trade Center buildings are complete are fantastic. New York will have a new Downtown skyline soon and we can all be proud of that. We are still standing and now soaring to new heights! – Tony Sargent

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