9 Amazing Infinity Pools – Putting the “W” in Wow!

9 Amazing Infinity Pools – Putting the “W” in Wow! My #1 Infinity Pool, Source - Freshome

From New York to Hong Kong, Bali to Cannes, homeowners around the world love their pools. Whenever I fly into any of New York’s airports during the summer months swimming pools shine blue in the green landscape. From backyard above-ground maxi-tubs to huge Hampton’s mansions with beautifully landscaped lawns surrounding them, pools speak to our need for a sense of water and freedom to escape into another world. In Manhattan Luxury Real Estate, townhouses or luxury apartment buildings with swimming pools command a premium.

The infinity pool is the design that usually takes my breath away. This past summer I was invited to a sunset cocktail party in Mykonos, Greece. As I entered my friends’ luxury villa just after the sun had set, I was greeted with a radiant lavender red sky illuminating the Mediterranean (about 200 meters below) all reflected in the still waters of a curved infinity pool. The sense of floating between the sea and sky was just amazing.

As we head into the Fall months in the northern hemisphere, I thought I’d share this window into the possible, the real and the infinite – the infinity pool. Which one is your favorite? (Note, you may need to double click on images to see it’s full size) – Tony Sargent

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